Terms & conditions

These Terms & Conditions establish the legal regime of the relationship between TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd (hereinafter –TrustForexTrade Company) and its clients.

I. General information

1. TrustForexTrade Company provides trust asset management services on the international exchange Forex market.

2. Any person, a citizen of any state can become a client of TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd meeting the following conditions:
a. you had read and accepted these Terms & Conditions;
b. you have reached the age of majority under the laws of your country (normally it is 18 years old);
c. funds transferred in trust have non-criminal origin.

3. To become a TrustForexTrade Company client you should register on this website by filling in the registration form. Registration is free of charge. After registration client gets access to his or her Profile.

4. Trust agreement between TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd and the person providing funds to a trust is concluded in electronic form, under international law. Information on this website is a public offer, i.e. a proposal to conclude an agreement, addressed to the general public. Any person who accepted the terms, set forth on the website, has the right to conclude an agreement on these terms. Registration on the website and placing deposit on a personal account in TrustForexTrade Company by a client will be considered as a fact of concluding the trust agreement in electronic form.

II. Investment plans

5. TrustForexTrade Company offers its clients four investment plans. The plans differ in several investment characteristics. Combining these characteristics each client has an opportunity to form their own investment strategy.

6. Investment characteristics.
a. Deposit amount. For each plan a minimum amount of deposit is required: Mini plan ($100), Base plan ($1,000), Prof plan ($10,000), Flexible plan ($100). Maximum amount is unlimited.
b. Investment period. All plans are divided into two essentially different types: fixed (MINI, BASE, PROF plans) and demand (FLEXIBLE plan). On fixed plans the duration of the investment period is 200 trading days (trading days: Monday to Friday); withdrawal of a principal is allowed only after the expiry of investment period, early withdrawal is not allowed. Withdrawal of earned profit on fixed plans is allowed either simultaneously after the expiry of investment period (together with a principal), or at any time during this period – according to a chosen compound interest rate. On demand plan there is no fixed investment period: withdrawal of a principal as well as earned profit is available at any time.
c. Compound interest rate. This investment parameter shows what part (what percent) of daily earned profit is invested back in trading. Depending on Compound interest rate there are two types of profit: Compound profit and Non-compound profit. Compound profit – profit, which returns back in trading, what allows you to earn excess profits due to charging «interest upon interest». Therefore, it is available for withdrawal only after the expiry of the investment period, together with the principal. Early withdrawal is not allowed. Non-compound profit – profit which doesn’t return back in trading, but arrives to the available account balance of a client. It is available for withdrawal at any time.
d. TrustForexTrade commission. For its trust asset management services TrustForexTrade charges a fixed commission. The amount of commission depends on selected investment plan: 10% (Prof); 15% (Base); 30% (Mini). The commission is charged not a one-time at the end of the investment period, but daily in the end of trading day.

7. Operations with deposits. In addition to depositing and withdrawal of a principal and withdrawal of earned profits, clients have access to a number of operations with current deposits.
a. Changing a demand deposit to a fixed deposit. Standard 200-day investment period counting will start since the next trading day. Return change of plan from fixed to demand is not allowed.
b. Compound interest rate increasing (for example, from 0% to 100%). Implementation of new compound interest terms starts since next trading day. The reverse procedure, i.e. reduction of compound interest rate (for example from 100% to 0%) is not allowed.
c. Replenishing your deposit. At any time you can add any amount to your current deposit. The conditions of this deposit remain the same: 1) current investment period doesn’t change, i.e. no «zeroing» of previous 200-day period and starting a new period occurs; 2) no rising of investment plan type occurs: i.e. for example, the deposit was $800 (Mini plan), and replenishing it on amount of $300 will not change the deposit to a Base plan.
d. Reinvestment. The amount available for withdrawing, situated at the Available account balance, could be not only withdrawn, but also reinvested at any time. Therefore, it is possible to create new deposits using the funds of available account balance, without the need of money depositing/withdrawing. You can reinvest funds in creating a new deposit, as well as replenishing one of your current deposits.

8. Summary table of investment plans is located on the website home page.

III. Deposit & Withdraw funds

9. Deposit and withdrawal of funds are carried out in the U.S. dollars (USD).

10. Each client can open an unlimited number of deposits.

11. Minimum deposit amount – $100.

12. Principal arrives to your account in TrustForexTrade Company instantly (immediately after depositing). These funds will be in trade on the next business day.

13. Funds available for withdrawal are placed on Available account balance. Receipt of funds into Available account balance occurs at the end of the trading day, at midnight London time.
a. Non-compound profit arrives to Available account balance daily (for each trading day).
b. Compound profit arrives to Available account balance after the expiry of the investment period.
c. Principal arrives to Available account balance according to a type of chosen investment plan. On fixed investment plans (MINI, BASE, PROF plans) a single sum « principal + compound profit» arrives to Available account balance after the expiry of the investment period. On demand FLEXIBLE plan you can apply for the deposit closing at any time. In this case closed deposit amount will arrive to your Available account balance at the moment of closing.

14. Funds can be withdrawn from Available account balance at any moment. Withdrawal is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Withdrawals are performed automatically and manually:
a. When investor selects the «Automatic withdrawal» option concerning any given deposit, withdrawal of non-compound profit occurs automatically daily (at the end of each trading day), at midnight London time. If the «Automatic withdrawal» option is deactivated, non-compound profit at the end of each trading day arrives to Available account balance.
b. In all other cases, withdrawals are performed manually within 24 hours from the time of applying.

15. In order to improve payment security and fraud prevention, withdrawal is available only by the same method the account was deposited.

IV. Taxation

16. TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd is registered and operates its trading activities on the Forex market in an offshore tax haven.

17. TrustForexTrade Company is not a tax agent in respect of its customer’s income. Based on the principles and norms of international law, TrustForexTrade Company does not make any tax deductions from the income of its customers, received as the result of trust management. Furthermore, TrustForexTrade Company doesn’t disclose any fiscal data concerning their customer’s income to the tax authorities of any State.

18. In this regard, payment of taxes on the earned profit is a personal responsibility of TrustForexTrade clients in accordance with the laws of their states.

V. Affiliate program

19. To become an affiliate marketer there is no need to make a deposit in TrustForexTrade Company. It is enough to sign up on TrustForexTrade Company website.

20. Affiliate link, promotional materials, instructions and recommendations to participate in an affiliate program, statistics on attracted referrals and accrued affiliate fee you can find in your Profile.

21. TrustForexTrade Company offers a 3-level affiliate program. Extend of affiliate fee type depends on investment plan, on which your involved client (referral) deposited, and on a referral level.

Mini Base Prof Flexible
Level 1 8.00 % 10.00 % 12.00 % 4.00 %
Level 2 2.00 % 2.50 % 3.00 % 1.00 %
Level 3 1.00 % 1.25 % 1.50 % 0.50 %
Note! Artificial affiliate commission increasing by using your own affiliate link for depositing on your own account is impermissible. Such actions are considered as an abuse of our affiliate program and lead to the blocking of account.

22. Affiliate fee is calculated automatically in the moment of referral depositing. The fee arrives on Available account balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

23. Artificial affiliate commission increasing by using your own affiliate link for depositing on your own account is impermissible. Such actions are considered as an abuse of our affiliate program and lead to the blocking of account.

24. Anti-spam policy: using spam of any kind is impermissible. Advertising activities for purposes of affiliate program are permitted only by legal methods. The use of spam by TrustForexTrade Company client can lead to the blocking of account.

VI. Privacy policy

25. Confidentiality and protection of client’s personal information is one of TrustForexTrade Company’s priorities.

26. TrustForexTrade Company never, under any circumstances, transmits information about its customers to third parties, except on the basis of an enforceable court decision.

27. We use cookies for safety and to improve the efficiency of our website. Cookies are small text files that are exchanged between a web server and your computer for your authentication. Cookies do not contain any personal information, including user name and password.

28. We may share information about visitors of our site with well-known advertising companies (like Google, Yahoo, etc.) for the effective targeting of our banner, text and other advertising on various Internet sites. The information collected by these advertising companies is not personal.

VII. Anti-money laundering

29. Under international law TrustForexTrade Company strictly follows the policy of anti-money laundering (legalization) of income, from criminal or other illegal means.

30. If TrustForexTrade Company will find the signs of suspicious activity that may be related to money laundering or signs of fraud or other illegal activities, the company reserves the right to block the account where suspicious activity was found immediately. In this case, TrustForexTrade Company reserves the right to require the account holder to submit documents for personal identification, documents to prove the legal origin of funds, and any other necessary documents at the discretion of TrustForexTrade Company.