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The Forex market and trust asset management.

The FOREX market (an acronym of FOReign EXchange) is an international exchange market. The participants of this marker are commercial banks, exchange markets, broker's firms, global central banks, hedge and investment funds etc. The Forex market trades 24 hours a day, and the average daily turnover is estimated to be over $3 trillion.

A distinctive feature of the Forex market is the ability to produce high, virtually unlimited income from speculative foreign exchange trading, which profitability is exceed manifold traditional investment vehicles, such as bank deposits, investment in gold or real estate, stock market, etc. However, along with the potential excess profits, the Forex market has a down side - increased risk of trading up to a possible loss of all ones finances.

Indeed, trading activity on the Forex market is a complicated type of earnings. As international experience shows, the vast majority of novice Forex traders bear persistent losses in this market, and only a few of them reach the professional level which allows them to achieve consistently high earnings. However, in order to have a stable income on the foreign exchange market there is no need in developing personal trading strategies and making transactions. Trust management is for people with available cash assets which they want to invest, but do not have skills of individual active asset management and don’t want to risk their finances.

How it works. How to make money with TrustForexTrade.

TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd offers trust asset management services on the international exchange Forex market. There is no need for you to trade yourself. Entrust this job to our professional traders.

On the Forex market trust asset management is a transfer of the right to manage ones funds to a third party brokerage office. In other words, professional exchange market trader makes transactions using client's money, and profit from such transactions splits between the client and the management company on mutually beneficial terms.

Trust asset management is an opportunity to entrust your money for accrual to a trader who has experience on the market and knows what to do and how. And the client will pay for his services only from a profit – it is a pre-agreed fixed percentage.

TrustForexTrade Company specialists developed a set of investment programs, to take into account interests of each client. Now you can choose the investment strategy that suits your needs better by yourself – select the deposit amount, its duration, commission and compound interest rate. At that, whatever strategy you have selected, in any case there will be the same philosophy of TrustForexTrade Company trust management: «We trade - You earn!»

Guarantees of investment safety and income acquisition.

Any investments, especially investments in the financial markets are a potential risk. The entire responsibility for the search and selection of a reliable and effective trustee falls on the investor. In this case, the main evaluation criteria of management company selecting must be:
1) experience and reputation;
2) previous periods’ profitability.

Experience and reputation. TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd is one of the world's leading companies engaged in trust management of private and institutional investor’s funds on the Forex market. More information about company's history, structure, operating principles and legal documents regulating its operations can be found in About Us section.

Previous period’s profitability. Profitability should be not only high, but what is more important – STABLE. It is consistently high profitability over the long term (at least several years) indicates professionalism of the management company and guarantees the preservation and enhancement of investors' funds. You can read more about TrustForexTrade Company’s financials over the last years in Financial statistics section.

Learn more about your expected future return.

Future clients of TrustForexTrade Company have an opportunity to appraise their expected future return, using one of two options, available on our website:
1) financial calculator;
2) demo deposits.

Financial calculator.

In Financial statistics section TrustForexTrade Company's profitability is detailed from its establishment to the present day. However it is profitability history of the company in general, not the information about profits of specific investors. It is because profitability of even equal sums transferred in trust, placed for the same period but under different investment strategies, can differ several-fold (more details in Investment plans section). That is why we recommend you to use our Financial calculator, to calculate your personal expected future return.

Let’s look at the operation principle of the calculator. As far as the Forex market is highly unpredictable (this is the possibility of earning excess profits for a professional trader), it is impossible to predict what profit will a particular investor earn in the future. That is why our financial calculator works «retrospectively», showing what profit you would get, if you already were our investor! Note: the calculator doesn’t show some abstract figures, but the size of real income, which our investors who chose a certain investment plan had already received for a certain period of time.

Therefore, you have an opportunity to «try on» this or that investment strategy, selecting any investment period from TrustForexTrade Company establishment to the present day.

Some might argue: excellent earning yields in the past do not guarantee the same results in the future. And it is true; the currency market is extremely unpredictable. However, as it was mentioned above (in the «Guarantees» section), for the past few years TrustForexTrade Company shows not only a high profit, but what is most important - does it consistently (more details in Financial statistics section).

Demo deposits.

Not to be confined to demonstration of past financial success, TrustForexTrade Company offers to estimate investment’s yield in online mode, using the option of Demo deposits. Its main advantage is that you can see your real daily profit not investing even a penny of “real” money! To do this, you need to sign up on our website, than enter your Profile, where you will see the «Demo deposits» section. There you can create an unlimited number of «virtual» deposits, testing different investment strategies and earning profit in online mode (also «virtual» of course) the same way as it happens on real «money» accounts of other investors. This is a convenient mechanism that allows novice investor to take the first steps, to familiarize with our system and estimate it.

How to start. How to open an account.

Any person, a citizen of any state can become a client of TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd meeting the following conditions:
• you had read and accepted all terms and conditions of TrustForexTrade trust asset management services on the Forex market (Terms and conditions);
• you have reached the age of majority under the laws of your country (normally it is 18 years old);
• funds transferred in trust have non-criminal origin. TrustForexTrade Company follows the policy of anti-money laundering (from criminal or other illegal means) (more details in the Terms and conditions section).

To become a client of TrustForexTrade Company you should sign up on our website, by filling in the registration form. Registration is absolutely free. After registration you will have access to your Profile.

Trust agreement between TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd and the person providing funds to a trust is concluded in electronic form under international law. Information on this website is a public offer, i.e. a proposal to conclude an agreement addressed to the general public. Any person who accepted the terms, set forth on the website, has the right to conclude an agreement on these terms. Registration on the website and placing a deposit on a personal account in TrustForexTrade Company by a client will be considered as a fact of concluding the trust agreement in electronic form. After that the parties of the agreement (the client and TrustForexTrade Company) get respective rights and obligations under the contract, in more detail described in Terms and conditions.

Taxation of income.

TrustForexTrade Investment Group Ltd is registered and operates its trading activities on the Forex market in an offshore tax haven (more details in the About Us section).

TrustForexTrade Company is not a tax agent in respect of its customer’s income. Based on the principles and norms of international law, TrustForexTrade Company does not make any tax deductions from the income of its customers, received as the result of trust asset management. Furthermore, TrustForexTrade Company doesn’t disclose any fiscal data concerning their customer’s income to the tax authorities of any State.

In this regard, payment of taxes on the earned profit is a personal responsibility of company’s clients in accordance with the laws of their states.