Affiliate program

We developed a profitable and flexible affiliate program, which will allow you to earn, attracting new customers to TrustForexTrade Company. To become an affiliate marketer there is no need to make a deposit in TrustForexTrade Company. It is enough to sign up, and sign in to your Profile.

In «My affiliate program» section you will find everything you need for work:
1. TrustForexTrade Company’s advertising banners.
2. Your affiliate link. Each person, who will access TrustForexTrade Company website following your affiliate link and then sign up will be considered as your involved client (referral), and you will receive the relevant commission on every deposit made by your referrals. Ways to attract clients:
• On-line. Affiliate link can be used by you for attracting new clients via the Internet. You can place our banners, articles and other materials on your personal web site or blog, paste affiliate link or advertisements in your messages (in e-mails, blogs, social nets, on forums etc.).
• Off-line. You can tell about TrustForexTrade services to your friends, relatives, co-workers or other people, consult them and assist in signing up on our site.

Referral system.

Our affiliate program consists of 3 levels. Affiliate fee depends on: type of investment plan, on which your involved client (referral) deposited, and on a referral level. You gain 4 – 12 % commission from each deposit, made by your involved client (1-st level referral). Also you gain 1 – 3 % commission from each deposit of 2-nd level referral, i.e. client, who was attracted by your 1-st level referral. Moreover, you gain 0.50 – 1.50 % commission from each deposit of 3-d level referral.

Mini Base Prof Flexible
Level 1 8.00 % 10.00 % 12.00 % 4.00 %
Level 2 2.00 % 2.50 % 3.00 % 1.00 %
Level 3 1.00 % 1.25 % 1.50 % 0.50 %

Note! Artificial affiliate commission increasing by using your own affiliate link for depositing on your own account is impermissible. Such actions are considered as an abuse of our affiliate program and lead to the blocking of account.

Getting the affiliate fee.

Detailed statistics on the attracted referrals and affiliate fee accrued on their deposits can be seen in your Profile.

The affiliate fee arrives to you automatically right at the moment when the referral’s deposit is credited on TrustForexTrade Company account. The fee arrives directly to the Available account balance and can be withdrawn immediately.

Partnership categories.

TrustForexTrade Company developed different categories of partnership. We can offer you to select one of them: «Partner», «Consultant» or «Regional representative». The amount of fee is exactly the same for all categories of partners. However, «Consultants», and furthermore «Regional representatives» have much more opportunities to attract new clients, and, accordingly, to get more profit.

Partner. By registering on our site you will automatically receive the status of "Partner". In your Profile in «My affiliate program» section you will find an affiliate link, TrustForexTrade Company banners, as well as detailed instructions and recommendations on advertising and promotion of our services to potential clients.

Consultant. To become a «Consultant» you need to make an application in your Profile on the page «My affiliate program». After that, you will get an appropriate status.

What does the possession of the «Consultant» status give: on the page Contact Us of our website there is a list of TrustForexTrade Company Consultants. Your contact details will be included in this list; there also will be a button placed for client registration via your affiliate link. When a potential client from your country (or even from your city) will need some advice on TrustForexTrade services (how to open an account, how to deposit/withdraw etc.) – he or she will appeal for informational support directly to you. And so you've already got your first referral!

Regional representative. To get this status you need make an appropriate application in your Profile on the page «My affiliate program», after that a representative of our company will contact you.

Unlike «Consultant», whom anyone can become, to the position of a Regional Representative you will be strictly selected. Professional qualities and business experience of each applicant will be assessed.

TrustForexTrade Company doesn’t have offices for direct work with clients «locally» (only operational centers, performing the functions of trust asset management on the Forex market). Therefore, Regional Representative is a TrustForexTrade Company’s image in a particular country or region. Responsibilities of a Regional Representative include a full range of tasks to promote our services: starting from the opening of an office and call-center – to development and implementation of off-line advertising campaigns, seminars for potential investors etc. Of course all this will be accompanied by information, legal and financial support from TrustForexTrade Company.

Please note that direct reception of funds and payment of profit earned as a result of trust management are NOT included in functions of a Regional Representative. This is an exclusive competence of TrustForexTrade Company: depositing and profit payment are possible only using methods listed in the Deposit/Withdraw funds section.

Profit of a Regional Representative, as well as of «Partner» и «Consultant» consist of affiliate fee, which obtaining conditions are described above. However, a regional representative has incomparably greater opportunities to receive the fee, while TrustForexTrade Company takes an essential part of overhead costs.

A complete list of Regional Representatives is on page Contact Us.